Monday, February 10, 2020

Bestmovies released in the past three years Essay - 1

Bestmovies released in the past three years - Essay Example Kleber Mendonca Filho directed the movie. This film documents a magnificent residential suburb that is located towards the south of the city and borders the Atlantic. There is a significant warning on the beach that warns visitors to be aware of sharks. The community in the Neighboring Sounds suffers from stress caused by the environment that is constantly changing. Apparently, the build environment has complicated the lives of residents in this city (Filho, 2012). The white and black photographs in the movie, the setting portrays a rural community that is coherent and builds around a master house. The presence of a sugar mill and school that is socially mixed further points to the historical times of the community. The film then assumes an urban area that is brightly lit with high apartments and some other ancient buildings. A Rollerblades girl follows a boy through a car park built under the ground until they disappear into an area that is enclosed. When the film opens in part one, Beatrice is shown seated at the kitchen due to lack of sleep. Apparently, some dogs are noisily yelping across the yard of the next door. To overcome this irritating noise, she decides to drug the dogs, an action that surprises her daughter. The director then shows an old, white bearded and widowed patriarch who once owned the entire area. Apparently, this former sugar baron Francisco is now selling the area in bits for purposes of redevelopment. His family lives and run the area. Among them, include the old man’s grandsons, Dinho and Joà £o who are cousins. Apparently, Joà £o took his studies in Europe and acts as the estate agent, albeit with much laxity. On his part, Dinho is a student without good reputation due to his numerous cases of petty theft. Both Dinho and Joà £o share the belief of closeness to the female servants and the boys who mostly do odd jobs. However, a new class has

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